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April 2014 – Yep, still here

Posted by nickxyz on May 1, 2014

Life has accelerated proportional to the age of our little guy. Usually around 8 pm each evening, my conviction gets renewed once more that the Energizer Bunny incarnate has taken up residence in our domicile. The average speed with which two dogs and a little guy race around in circles holds steady at 110 mph.

In an attempt to encourage energy consumption, we have signed up for various athletic outlets throughout the year. It being spring, we are talking soccer. This is our third season, and progress has been quite apparent. Our first season was mostly a vain attempt at herding cats on a green field. I was entirely unaware of how many grass hoppers and earth worms deliberately hide on said green field. That round thing commonly referred to as soccer ball was nothing more than a distraction from the primary explorative mission.

Second season brought us the revelation of team work, and how important it is to have a descriptive yet flashy team name – The Fireballs. It really doesn’t matter if there are players with a different colored shirt on the field, they all share the same (physical structure) goal anyway. Everyone tries to touch, carry, cover, get ahold of the newfangled soccer ball, it most likely won’t leave the closely spaced group of tykes anyway.

Third season is about to wrap up. Ball coordination has made great strides, there are some pretty hard direct goal kicks and quite impressive one-on-one display of skills; and there are girls on the team!! One in particular. We, the evil scheming parents that we are, have now quite a bit of incriminating photographic evidence, which will get ample use at some deliberate point in the future.

Gotta go, the little guy is already half a mile ahead….


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January 2012 – Still here

Posted by nickxyz on January 16, 2012

Geesh, it is 2012 already. It has been, almost to the day, 2 years since the last post. Time has bee flying.

Our little guy continues to rule the roost; he becomes more and more effective at it every day. Life otherwise has been going nice and steady. Almost seems to imply to pick up the blogging habit again. New year, new resolutions, let’s see how long it lasts.

Hope you hang around, see you soon

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Merry Christmas

Posted by nickxyz on December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

May the joy of the season be experienced by all

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Christmas 2010

Posted by nickxyz on December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 – second Christmas for our little guy.

The Holidays were great: not super cold like it was last year (although missed the “white Christmas” feeling), family from overseas in town, everyone healthy and in good spirits, friends visiting, good food. Nice all around.

Now… having experienced the generosity of certain individuals (female contingent of the better half’s side), we tried to be proactive and suggest in a very nice and polite way to divert the impending economic subsidies to the likes of Toys’R’Us and company to a more productive outlet, namely the college savings plan for the little guy.

One would think (of individuals with reasonable common sense) that this suggestion would be well received and its motivation inherently obvious. Well, not so. Apparently.

Instead, the previously mentioned attempt at a private economic bailout campaign experienced additional support, resulting in bags and bags of stuff. Stuff of questionable origin, motivation and intention. Stuff occupying every available (and unavailable) square inch of living room, dining room and kitchen. Stuff the little guy won’t even get to until way beyond next Christmas. Let’s not even mention the pending birthday event….

When politely inquiring about origin, the universal answer is: it’s from aunt / uncle abc (who provided a monetary contribution to begin with) and they wanted him to have xyz. When politely inquiring about the motivation, including age appropriateness, the universal answer is: if he doesn’t like it, just get rid of it or throw it out. When politely pointing out that the brand new gift has already suffered the loss of protruding parts (not even having been subjected to the little guy’s quality assurance processes yet), the universal answer is: it’s plastic, I wouldn’t expect much from it (the toy). Or for some variation: the cousin second degree (4 years older) has one just like it and everyone (the 30 and older crowd) loved it, too.

Moral of the story: repeating the original friendly suggestion of funds usage alternative in a somewhat more direct and unmistakable language on Christmas day itself, just barely staying afloat of the ocean of wrapping paper, is generally not advisable.

Learned something today

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Side notes

Posted by nickxyz on November 26, 2010

As everyone is aware, we had mid-term elections in November.

I still remember the excitement and hype when a new President was elected 2 years ago; all the promises, all the “yes, we can”, everything was to be improved upon and the world (US that is) made into a better place.

Fast forward 2 years: the deficit is staggering, the indebtedness is mind-boggling, the health care reform has had a rough start at the federal level to even get passed, the states are close to revolting and filing law suits preventing the forced adoption at the state level, future generations have received loads of questionable government gifts, i.e. debt, … Anyone purveying a moderate news consumption knows the above listing is merely scratching the surface. Suffice it to say, the People are not happy.

Elections have now taken place: given the overall sentiments that spilled into the elections from the current year, the predictions for significant change in Washington D.C. as a result could almost be considered guarantees. Although, without the proper voting process, one cannot officially call them just that. So, elections are being held, votes tallied and guess what… now, they can be called just that.

The change has indeed been staggering; a strong shift away from the Democrats, towards the Republican spectrum. For good measure, we’ll just omit the internal shift of focus within the Republican party itself for now, and still call it Republican.

Was it because of voter disappointment over the promises and the (awfully executed) delivery of Democratic concepts, or was it more driven by the admittedly bad timing coinciding with the downturn of the economy in the last 2 years? Or was it rather that the Democratic aspirations and actions increased and negatively leveraged the effects of the current economic cycle?

Regardless of the combination of more or less impacting drivers that contributed to the current state of affairs, shouldn’t it be at the core of any government, irrespective of political party makeup, to focus its attention foremost on securing a stable and reliable environment for its People to enjoy their unalienable Rights, that there read “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. The emphasis, as is in the famous document from which the previous was quoted, is on the term environment. Otherwise also known as framework or foundation.

But that is it… nothing further. No thank you. The greatest experiment of modern times, or the New World, is predicated on the puritan spirit of entrepreneurship, free pursuit of believes, realizing one’s own dream in one’s own endeavors, actions and work.

It is not predicated on the government holding hands and singing songs around the camp fire, shielding its People from the oh so awful consequences of free market capitalism, forcing its People to behave and live in a pre-defined world, nicely packaged by the indenture of its future children. Attempting to modify the Bill of Rights and take away the self-governing and self defending provisions, because the omnipotent government is here to protect us all. Nicely evidenced (only one example) by the recent increase in “government foiled planned terror acts” on US soil. Is that admitting that TSA and the body scanners are not working? I am digressing…

Rather than free printing mountains of money, eroding the strength of the dollar abroad, thereby increasing the export volume to the US of trading partners (didn’t you love the sincere attempt to convince the G-20 to institute a maximum on their exports to the US????), creating additional government sponsored Czar agencies that provide absolutely no value, interfering with the economic cycles in artificially preventing unviable businesses from expiring (yes, I am talking car manufacturing bailouts, among others), attempting to push for a Green Agenda, which in its execution is nothing short of abysmal (the Kyoto concept, albeit not a perfect solution either, was not even being considered), while energy consumption and pollution levels continue to be sky-high and alternative energy research is more effective (and not government sponsored, or shall I say hindered) in the private sector and a lot faster to produce promising first (not perfect or yet viable) approaches; let’s not even touch the education aspect for future economic competitiveness within this context … we could keep going for quite a while longer, but I think the main points have been made.

While some problems are inherently systemic to most government, the Democratic (or rather social(istic)) inspired approach of the current administration, has successfully brought all of theses issues into the public limelight, exacerbating most of them significantly and thereby incited a political awareness and involvement within its People at previously unknown levels. It almost could be interpreted as if the original spirits of the founding fathers are shining through loud and clear and vowing to come back to take care of business.

To say the least: interesting times. Let’s hope they lead to fruitful (non-violent) and productive re-orienting.

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