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Social Media – What does it mean to you?

Posted by nickxyz on May 2, 2014

Big term, popular term, buzzword, lots of meanings depending on context or source….. what does it mean to you?

I’ll try to define what it means to me – today, right now: using offline and online tools to timely reach and motivate engagement in a local community context.

Real world example: a local family lost their home unexpectedly to fire earlier this week; actual cause still unknown. There is nothing left but rubble where the home used to be. The family has two small kids in elementary school, the younger of the two turning 7 years old tomorrow!

Resulting engagement in local community:

within less than 3 days of event, private citizens, school district, PTA and local support organizations coming together to not allow this unfortunate event to overshadow a little boy’s big day!


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