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April 2014 – Yep, still here

Posted by nickxyz on May 1, 2014

Life has accelerated proportional to the age of our little guy. Usually around 8 pm each evening, my conviction gets renewed once more that the Energizer Bunny incarnate has taken up residence in our domicile. The average speed with which two dogs and a little guy race around in circles holds steady at 110 mph.

In an attempt to encourage energy consumption, we have signed up for various athletic outlets throughout the year. It being spring, we are talking soccer. This is our third season, and progress has been quite apparent. Our first season was mostly a vain attempt at herding cats on a green field. I was entirely unaware of how many grass hoppers and earth worms deliberately hide on said green field. That round thing commonly referred to as soccer ball was nothing more than a distraction from the primary explorative mission.

Second season brought us the revelation of team work, and how important it is to have a descriptive yet flashy team name – The Fireballs. It really doesn’t matter if there are players with a different colored shirt on the field, they all share the same (physical structure) goal anyway. Everyone tries to touch, carry, cover, get ahold of the newfangled soccer ball, it most likely won’t leave the closely spaced group of tykes anyway.

Third season is about to wrap up. Ball coordination has made great strides, there are some pretty hard direct goal kicks and quite impressive one-on-one display of skills; and there are girls on the team!! One in particular. We, the evil scheming parents that we are, have now quite a bit of incriminating photographic evidence, which will get ample use at some deliberate point in the future.

Gotta go, the little guy is already half a mile ahead….


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