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Christmas 2010

Posted by nickxyz on December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 – second Christmas for our little guy.

The Holidays were great: not super cold like it was last year (although missed the “white Christmas” feeling), family from overseas in town, everyone healthy and in good spirits, friends visiting, good food. Nice all around.

Now… having experienced the generosity of certain individuals (female contingent of the better half’s side), we tried to be proactive and suggest in a very nice and polite way to divert the impending economic subsidies to the likes of Toys’R’Us and company to a more productive outlet, namely the college savings plan for the little guy.

One would think (of individuals with reasonable common sense) that this suggestion would be well received and its motivation inherently obvious. Well, not so. Apparently.

Instead, the previously mentioned attempt at a private economic bailout campaign experienced additional support, resulting in bags and bags of stuff. Stuff of questionable origin, motivation and intention. Stuff occupying every available (and unavailable) square inch of living room, dining room and kitchen. Stuff the little guy won’t even get to until way beyond next Christmas. Let’s not even mention the pending birthday event….

When politely inquiring about origin, the universal answer is: it’s from aunt / uncle abc (who provided a monetary contribution to begin with) and they wanted him to have xyz. When politely inquiring about the motivation, including age appropriateness, the universal answer is: if he doesn’t like it, just get rid of it or throw it out. When politely pointing out that the brand new gift has already suffered the loss of protruding parts (not even having been subjected to the little guy’s quality assurance processes yet), the universal answer is: it’s plastic, I wouldn’t expect much from it (the toy). Or for some variation: the cousin second degree (4 years older) has one just like it and everyone (the 30 and older crowd) loved it, too.

Moral of the story: repeating the original friendly suggestion of funds usage alternative in a somewhat more direct and unmistakable language on Christmas day itself, just barely staying afloat of the ocean of wrapping paper, is generally not advisable.

Learned something today


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