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Thanksgiving 2010

Posted by nickxyz on November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all the faithful readers out there!

Hosted friends for the very first time for T-day. Now, I really have come to fully appreciate the opportunity to just “go to eat turkey” somewhere else. The emphasis being on somewhere else 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, loved every single second of our friends being over. However, the preparation work, both environment and food, is staggering. Granted, the better half has expertly taken over the entire food aspect from start to finish, while I occupied myself with getting the house into a somewhat presentable condition…. you catch my drift there. Our little daredevil tried to help out by repeatedly pulling all of the toys I had just put away back out from the shelves and bins. Well thought and well-meant, just not very conducive to the overall progress, I must admit. Carpet had just been vacuumed, when the little one decided to wipe his snack crumbs off of his table and onto the carpet. Dog bowls had just been replenished, when he was convinced I hadn’t put enough water into the bowl; so he added more and it conveniently spilled out onto the tile. Hey, I had planned to mop the tile anyway (again), it makes for shinier floors.

By the time our friends arrived, the house had almost entirely been rendered back into its usual state of chaos. It almost appears as if it has a mind of its own and refuses to let go of the “patina of daily life”.

After a great meal all around, we watched the Detroit Lions against New England Patriots – obligatory Thanksgiving football event. Did some napping in between, followed by yet another round of food: Pumpkin pie was entirely obliterated.

Great day, good times and lots to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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