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Posted by nickxyz on September 11, 2010

It has been a long long time since I last published anything. Nevertheless, it appears there are still some folks out there that visit my blog. Thanks for checking in!

Since my last major series of posts, that indicated a transatlantic move… well, that one did work out quite as well as planned, or rather as I had hoped. After about 4 months, we decided to stay in the US and that is where we still are. And most likely, remain for a long long time. Anyway…

Since then, our little guy is now almost 2 years old. His jabber is beginning to turn into actual language; well, it probably is language already, yet, just a language that is not quite as easily understood or well known as, let’s say English. So he is trying to pronounce certain words, more each day, yet they always come out a little different than what I would expect. His favorite currently is [gaawkk]. For the uninitiated, this means “dog”. Even the cat is a gaawkk.

It is now time for the highlight of the day: bath time. See ya later


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