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My Gardening Attempts II

Posted by nickxyz on July 26, 2008

I thought it was about time to give another update on my gardening attempts. We had seeded our little dirt patch this year with quite a number of different things, hoping that maybe a couple or three would actually take. Well, guess what. All of a sudden, they all sprouted and not just in a skinny, dry, just here to make an appeareance kinda way. No, full bloom, turning the little dirt patch into a full grown jungle on a small scale.

Here is what came out of the ground:

  • Peppers
  • Heirloom tomatoes the size of softballs
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Chamomile (well, that’s more like a flower / tea plant than a fruit plant)
  • Parsley (boy, does it grow like a weed, or what?)
  • Canteloupe melons
  • Sweet corn

And today, we were able to harvest the first fruits of our labor. The peppers are delicious (the first one already volunteered for your BBQ this afternoon). I attached a small selection for your viewing pleasure.


One Response to “My Gardening Attempts II”

  1. DMC said

    Sehr schone (American keyboard)!

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