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Euro 2008

Posted by nickxyz on June 11, 2008

After a fairly aggressive and sometimes not very skilled game, Switzerland is out. Turkey shot the golden goal 2 minutes into follow up play. Nice goal, nicely setup… sorry for Switzerland.

Portugal is therefore the first team that will advance into round two of Euro 2008.


One Response to “Euro 2008”

  1. I’ve been married to you for over six years, and I must say, I’ve had my doubts about the authenticity of my “purchase” since you don’t drink, at all, have absolutely no discernable accent, and, until now, never shown much interest in the national sport, fussball.

    If it wasn’t for the, “Coke, no ice,” routine when we eat out, even I’d be pretty sure you weren’t what you claim, and I’ve even met your entire family. More than once!

    I suppose this bolsters your case for being a true Krauter.

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