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Germany’s Next Top Model – Finale

Posted by nickxyz on June 5, 2008

I am not quite sure which one was the original ‘idea’ to create a TV show that casts new models, but by now each country in the civilized world appears to have one…. USA, Germany… Australia?? American Idol shows even made it to the UK… Amazing πŸ™‚

Well, I admit, I watch the German show religiously. Also have seen the US counterpart once before, but was not impressed. Obviously, a show viewer cannot objectively judge what is actually going on during a particular project, but from the casual observer, the US show repeats, and repeats, and repeats, and repeats “you are still in the race for America’s next top model’ at least 500 million times in each segment. That does not leave much room for any type of other intelligent dialog, unfortunately. Maybe there is some sort of advertising scheme going on as to how often the same punch line has to be repeated for highest payout. Who knows. Enough of the bashing… since there are more planned seasons, someone is apparently watching the show after all. Have I actually seen any of the finalist or winners in real life ad campaigns, TV spots or magazine ads??? Who actually won? Btw, I just saw a Martini TV spot featuring George Clooney on German TV.

OK, on with the show. I am just downloading the live finale episode of Germany’s next top model. Well, it won’t be live for me. Anyway, I am very much holding myself back from googling any results yet before I have actually seen the show. Although… no, I can wait. I think I can. I am at 45% download!!

I actually enjoyed watching the show over the last several weeks. It was interesting to see where the girls would be traveling to, what kind of gigs they would try out for and some hopefully also get. In my humble opinion, the German format shows more of the actual going ons that happen during the project. While the German show also shows the inevitable chick fights and little skirmished among the girls, thank God, the producers keep those to a minimum. I find that the US show reduces all participants to chit chatting, scheming, superficial, back-stabbing weirdos… supporting a really bad stereotype the world already has of Americans.

Change in topics. Some of the challenges presented to the girls are really creative. Like the Ninja film spot or the vertical cat walking. Now, yes, I am not a model, nor am I anywhere close to the industry, so take my opinions and musings with a grain of salt. There just appears to be more than just cat walking, posing for some pictures and a clothes mannequin that happens to be breathing. I kinda like that. Gives me, the outsider, a glimpse into some other world.

The only thing that I would have a really hard time with is the eating part. I love food way to much as to reduce my caloric intake to greens and salads all the time. Heard of German chocolate before??? Or Spaetzle with dark gravy and a little piece of meat on the side? Meat, the best invention since sliced bread.

My download is slowing down at 62%. The impatience grows… The dog wants to play ball. For crying out loud, it rains outside. I have seen the billboards in LA, ha. I even saw the female razor TV spot. Now there’s some real life connection.

What I would really like to find out is whether the group of the last 10 or so girls really gets kicked out of the model world entirely. Gina Lisa has been able to pick up her own TV show on German TV. Kinda cool. More power to her! All of those girls should have killer books… and some initial contacts in the industry. Wouldn’t they be able to just do some more “go sees” (see, I am paying attention) on their own? Or would they be stigmatized as being the next top model – ‘rejects’? Somehow, I can’t believe that. What a waste that would be. They might have to start ‘over’ with the German based agencies, I would think, some of which should already know them since I am assuming those type of model scouts and executives also do watch TV on rare occasions. I could be completely wrong though…

Maybe, that should be a viewer comment to the show producers to incorporate that somehow into a final review or summary documentary… Be creative people.

Ok, my download is done… See ya.


3 Responses to “Germany’s Next Top Model – Finale”

  1. D. said

    that’s the short-lived sadness of “fame”. 15 minutes of fame on t.v. will be forgotten in no time at all. you know we’re moving back to germany, (thx for your visit to our blog) apparently, there’s a t.v. show called “rueckwanderer” – we were offered to appear in it, for some undisclosed amount of moolah. heck naw, keep your damn money, I said to them… german documentaries follow germans who move to another country, often editing these shows in such a way that these expats look unprepared and stupid. while some folks really are unprepared but have this dream, i cannot believe that so many folks really are as dumb as they like to make ’em look. it’s like giving the viewers hope – “the grass isn’t greener on the other side” subjecting oneself to any so-called reality-tv show or competitions such as the top-model or idol-shows, one runs a huge risk of not being portrayed authentic. editing film footage is an art within itself. it’s also no accident that most boy & girl groups have a mixed grab-bag of looks and personalities, something for everyone to look at and desire? follow “schema f” – it has served us well in the past! a reality t.v. show has little to do with “reality”
    u.s. news channels are also quite good at “filtering news” in such a way that we get the watered down, easy to digest versions, half-truths. after all, we’re at war? you find that everywhere in the world. for that fact alone, i’m very glad to be trilingual and other languages are sure to follow as soon as i can attend classes, it just gives you more possibilities to scour the web and other news sources for alternative opinions, from other cultures, countries, languages. because these shows turn my brains into mush after a while, i try not to watch them but i do admit, just like a burger king whopper or rita’s gelatis, they can become quite addictive πŸ˜‰ have a good summer!

  2. nickxyz said

    Hi there, again,

    When I was in Germany earlier this year, I actually saw some episodes of the Rueckwanderer. Strange that more and more of those shows are appearing on TV… of all sorts of flavor, coming and going… (yeah, I admit, I do watch some of those for the entertainment factor πŸ™‚ )
    Not sure about the moolah factor, but for some “wanderer” it might be a nice extra income to finance their adventure. I don’t judge the people who sign up for shows like that. It’s a personal decision all around, as long as they don’t turn around afterwards and complain about the way they have been portrayed on national TV.

  3. D. said

    perhaps you’re right, i have a slightly different attitude. to each its own,i always say. because we have children perhaps, i’m somewhat protective of them.

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