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Great American BBQ – The Ribs

Posted by nickxyz on May 24, 2008

Here a picture of the ribs from last night. If there only was a way to add smell and flavor to a post…. it still wouldn’t meet the taste of these ribs… if you weren’t there, you just missed out.

The ‘napkins used’ factor or the ‘degree of messy fingers’ factor have not been considered in above post and will differ from eater to eater.

Go find a BBQ event near your house and be sure to go and experience this truly unique food phenomenon. You will never look at pork, chicken or beef the same way afterwards, guaranteed!


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The 100 best places to raise a family

Posted by nickxyz on May 21, 2008

Check this out: MSNBC has published a list of the 100 best places to raise a family.

Despite the ever present talk of being in the middle of the country, the Midwest, the middle of nowhere, smack in the middle of BFE, living with the Cowboys and Indians, etc….. it is good to read that we are rated ahead of quite a few California towns… and several towns in the central Midwest are represented. Percentage wise even more than the fancy, highly touted East and West coast locations…

Hah, there you go. It’s official now! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Going on a pre-feast diet (BBQ season again)

Posted by nickxyz on May 20, 2008

Getting close again…. season officially kicks off this coming weekend (Memorial Day) with the Great American BBQ at the Woodlands… already on a pre-feast diet so I can have enough room and hunger (as if that would be a problem ever…) to taste all the delicious meats that will be prepared throughout the afternoon, evening and night.

Talk about meat lovers paradise on earth!!

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Economic Stimulus – Where is my money?

Posted by nickxyz on May 18, 2008

After the emergency economic stimulus law has been passed earlier this year, we are anxiously awaiting the promised payout. While intended to be spent to help bring the “lagging” economy back on its feet, I’d rather go spent it in the stock market. ๐Ÿ™‚ Markets are down, quite a few stocks are cheap (undervalued as the technical term goes) and it might make a nice return by the end of the year that currently no other investment vehicle can provide (savings account, CDs, etc…) Maybe….

To find out when you are due for your payout, check out the IRS payment schedule, that is based on the last two digits of your social security number…. The higher your last two digits, the later you are going to get your check.

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Weather in the Midwest

Posted by nickxyz on May 11, 2008

A common saying in the Midwest is as follows: if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Given the weather patterns over the last two weeks that made the news every time, even internationally, one could almost agree with the above statement. The fact that Tornado Alley runs right through the Midwest doesn’t help the matter much at all either.

In case you hadn’t noticed or heard on the news yet, the Midwest has been hit twice in the last 10 days with severe weather conditions up to and including tornadoes up to F4 strength. Just another one in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri yesterday evening.

We were headed back North from Branson, MO just as the announcements by the National Weather Service had just begun. Warnings of severe weather, tornado watches and warnings, sirens going off and people being told to see shelter. The supercell was making its way up from Arkansas and into Missouri quite rapidly as we were just coming up Highway 65 to meet I-44 to get around and past Springfield, MO. Not even 30 min after we had left Branson, the supercell hit the area between Branson and Springfield.

The sky takes on a green tinge, clouds are building up quickly and the air is just super still. Then suddenly all weather breaks lose. Rain so thick not even the fastest windshield wiper speed can get you any visibility, winds that take off roofs in a matter of seconds, debris falling from the sky, hail the size of baseballs, …. ugly. And very dangerous!

Tornadoes in the Past

Severe Weather from May 1st and 2nd, 2008 (a)

Severe Weather from May 1st and 2nd, 2008 (b)

Supercell from May 10th, 2008

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