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Close call

Posted by nickxyz on March 3, 2008

Came home today from work. It is quite normal for people to take the bike to work, either the train station or straight to the office. Including me, nowadays. Came home the usual way down the main drag. Had just pulled off of it and into the side street that the house is on, stored the bike in the shed and walked in. Had just picked up my cup of hot tea when a loud noise flew over the house. We all thought it probably was some sort of military helicopter (they do fly about every now and then). But this one was quite loud and really low. Passed, didn’t think of it any further.

About 5 min later, the last family member comes home. And announces that at the junction of the side street with the main drag, a bicyclist had been run over by a car going relatively fast…. the noise had been a lifeflight helicopter coming in and leaving again. Police and ambulance abound, road closed. Not sure yet whether the car was speeding or just had not seen the bicyclist in the misty gloomy afternoon weather. We’ll have to see what the newspaper says tomorrow morning…..


One Response to “Close call”

  1. Too close for me, I’m tellin’ ya!

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