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Week 2 – Germany

Posted by nickxyz on February 15, 2008

Week 2 officially started a little early as my first day at the new job was that very first Friday I was there. Kinda nice actually as one goes to official orientation and then can recoup from the ‘stress’ of orientation right away 😉

Starting fresh on Monday… As part of living in Europe and a somewhat major metropolitan area, I get to enjoy the advantages of public mass transportation. Driving into the city by car would routinely be about 30 min, plus looking for a parking spot. With public transport, I take a quick walk (about 20 min) or an even quicker bike ride (5 min) to the local train station and take the S Bahn into town and sit at my desk about 20 min later… no hassle about parking, traffic, nothing. From the destination stop to the office, it’s barely 4 minutes to walk… can’t ask for more. Same thing at night.

Not sure if anyone of you out there has ridden the train in Germany before, but it truly is an experience in and of itself. After riding the same time slot for a few days, one is able to discern a pattern of people. Same people, same behavior, almost philosophical utopia… It is incredibly interesting to just sit there and watch people.

People of all walks of live take the S Bahn (at least where I am). There is the teenager kind (boy, do I feel old all of a sudden) who loudly discusses personal matters and relationships across half the car; there is the Azubi kind (teenager in an apprenticeship), who just got paid for the very first time and is amazed at how quickly a month’s worth of labor is spent. Another option is the cultural outcast… the Gothic. Very obvious to anyone, all dressed in black, black makeup and hair dye. I especially like the gloves: black with a white skeleton hand painted on the back of the hand…. Then there is the ordinary laborer with his lunch box and generally just relaxed and waiting for his station. Then there is the professional (no particular age range), already stressed to the max with the phone glued to his or her ear, or the phone behing held rather carefully while scrolling through email in blackberry mode. Something to be experienced for sure….

Well, I have done that for a week now, too. Will have to go and look for permanent accomodations now and hope to get settled soon.


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