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Countdown has begun

Posted by nickxyz on January 20, 2008

The countdown has officially begun. A few more days, but still several mountains to move.

Most importantly, the girls (dogs) are all set. Last shots and pills were picked up on Saturday.  Started packing clothes, started sorting out the “stuff” into three categories (stays, goes and give away). The adrenaline is slowly raising, the house is getting emptier and emptier. Lots of lunches and happy hours to go to and say goodbye to lots more people…

Keep the faith


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Germany – Here we go

Posted by nickxyz on January 12, 2008

My frequency of posts had dramatically decreased over the last several weeks. One big contributor to my tardiness is the fact that we were working on a possible return to Germany. Until that was all done and buttoned up, I just didn’t want to put the word out there….  🙂

Well, as of this week, it is now official. We are returning back to Germany. Currently hot and heavy in the preparations: the movers’ representative was here earlier this morning to take a pre-move survey, we are sorting through our “crap” and deciding on what goes, what stays and what goes the way of the dodo bird. Our stack intended for Goodwill is growing by the minute. The silver lining of the effort is that we are doing a thorough review of our mess, which has been overdue for quite some time now. We haven’t quite made it to the category of “pack rat”, but we sure weren’t very far off either 🙂

Approaching this new chapter in life with a laughing and a crying eye, really. I know it is the right decision (we are moving for family reasons), but we are also taking on additional risk, losing some of our “stability” 🙂 and trading it in for quite a few ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’. Blood is thicker than water. We will have a strong family support structure already over there that will make the adjustment and the culture shock somewhat smoother, I hope. Having been gone for roughly 10 years (I “left” initially for my first practical term during college and came home only for about 8 more months thereafter) does mean that a lot of what I used to know / do / was comfortable with has now changed and “evolved”, just like I have.

People in similar situations, I think, who are expecting to return to their “old” life are in for a rude awakening or the surprise of their life. Every time I had gone home in the past for a few days for vacation, catching up with family and friends on what they had been doing so far was very much intriguing. In those circumstances, I really had no tie or connection to the “stories” I was told as I was not there to live through it with my family and friends. That forced distance could be considered a savior in some instances, in some others it was a hinderance I felt very clearly. Now, with our move, that constant balancing act will not change, I am just switching sides, so to speak.

Another two weeks….

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Robin Hood Update – Spoiler Alert

Posted by nickxyz on January 5, 2008

Season 2 of Robin Hood has just finished in the UK. BBC One’s homepage does list a nice episode guide. As the avid fan that I am, I did keep up with episode guide and also did watch some episodes via the Internet.

Here is the big catch: I did not expect to see what happened in the last few episodes, especially in the very last one!! Not by any stretch of the imagination.

How do they expect to create an entertaining Season 3??? Or am I just refusing to accept the inevitable truth that is just plain obvious to anyone else???

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