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Earthquake Monitor – Worldwide

Posted by nickxyz on November 8, 2007

Given the recent earthquake close to San Jose, CA, the topic of earthquakes in general is again floating through the news. For anyone with an interest as to how much activity regarding earthquakes is actually going on at any given point anywhere on this blue planet, go check out the website of the US Geological Survey. It is uptodate to the last hour even.


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Halloween 2007 – Part II

Posted by nickxyz on November 4, 2007

Darth VaderTrick or Treat night was Wednesday. Judging from last year’s turnout, we had stocked up on tons of candy to be prepared even for the largest numbers of ghost and goblins. 6 pm sharp and the first few are showing up on our doorstep, we had just finished the last touches on our decorations. The bowl of candy was already set up and waiting, a quick grab into the mountain of mini sized milky ways, milk duds, kit kats, hershey bars, …. and the annual pagan event had officially commenced.

Traditional Frontier’s ManThis year, our supply lasted almost exactly 2 hours on the minute after football players, princesses, monsters, nurses, thugs and pirates had paid tribute at our doorstep. We took a number of pictures of the more interesting and creative outfits and have posted a small number right here. Always amazing as to how much creativity and ingenuity goes into some of those costumes.

Thank god all the candy was gone, otherwise, it would have just ended up being eaten by me… not a healthy habit at all 🙂

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