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First NFL game outside of North America

Posted by nickxyz on October 28, 2007

Did anyone actually watch the game Giants vs Dolphins in London at the Wembley stadium??

I only saw a short report on MSNBC (??) earlier this afternoon regarding the prep work required and some English spectator commentaries, but nothing of the actual game. Not even sure if it has been broadcast here in the US yet, maybe tomorrow as part of Monday night Football (was too lazy to actually scour the TV guide).

The intent behind “outsourcing” an official NFL game to outside of the US is still somewhat fuzzy for me. Can it be to just drum up more support for this highly profitable US sport abroad to translate into increased memorabilia and clothing sales world wide? Could there be something in the works that would “annex” the European league into the NFL? Or are there plans to create a worldwide league of some sort?

Imagine Frankfurt Galaxy against the KC Chiefs… *screen gets blurry* Welcome to the first official league play between the recently incorporated Frankfurt Galaxy and one of the worst Football teams in NFL history, live from the Frankfurt Waldstadium!

How much would you be willing to pay for the ticket???


One Response to “First NFL game outside of North America”

  1. -B said

    Hey, watch it!

    The Chefs may not be but a B-League team, but they have their moments. They’ve had a great deal of talent over the last 15+ years…that they’ve basically pissed away, but at least they do win…sometimes. Chefs.

    The worst team in NFL history? Hardly, I think that title usually falls to the ’76 Bucs, and there were several years before the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indy that were truly atrocious, and the Dolphins are making a good case for taking the all-time spot so far this year…so we shall see.

    Besides, what would you fall asleep to on Sunday afternoons in the fall if it wasn’t for Chiefs games?

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