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Halloween 2007

Posted by nickxyz on October 17, 2007

Halloween, the pagan Holiday the last day of October… The US, being the country that is so intent on separating anything spiritual or religious from any state affairs, I am quite amazed at how widely celebrated this holiday actually is. Especially here in the center of the bible belt!

Last year, the amount of kiddies who came by our lit porch was enormous (Btw, one is supopsed to leave the porch light on if trick or treaters are welcome that night). We had bought plenty of provisions and were fairly sure that some of the goodies were going to be left over for us to enjoy later. Well, not quite true. We had about 5 pounds of candy of all shapes and forms and sizes, thinking it would be more than enough. About 2 hours into the evening, after scores of monsters, ghost and football stars had passed by our door, the candy was all gone. Every last tiny piece of candy.

The award of best costume went to a neigborhood teenager who had made up his own costume: an iPod. Very creative and very nicely done indeed. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures… Something we will most definitely be doing this year.


2 Responses to “Halloween 2007”

  1. Sanna said

    Oh bummer I’d have liked to have seen that iPod. Are you dressing up too?

  2. nickxyz said

    Probably not 🙂
    But I am considering dressing up the dogs.. found this cool Darth Vader costume!!

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