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My Gardening Attempts

Posted by nickxyz on October 14, 2007

Most recent pepper harvestAs mentioned previously, I stubbornly and repeatedly try my hand at gardening. Mostly with less than desirable results because I seem to be lacking the proverbial green thumb.

Nevertheless, I go out and plant “stuff” all around the house and my little specialized patch of dirt in the backyard. This season I tried my hand at cherry tomatoes and green peppers. The tomatoes yielded a nice crop throughout the spring and summer, nothing to write home about, but very handy for salads and the occasional dip of color in our meals.

Now, the peppers on the other hand are an entirely different story. I planted some seeds fairly late in the season (slacker), hoping I would get at least one or two plants this year. Well, all of the seeds actually have grown into nice sized pepper plants. They did not appear to be producing much fruit over the summer, a little small pepper in odd shapes here and there; so my expectations for them were not too high either. Over the last 5 or 6 weeks, those plants have gone berserk… outputting fruit of unheard amounts. Really good sized, plump, juicy and great smelling peppers (yes, peppers can have a pleasant smell… mind you, that is before they start to rot!) … It is the middle of October now and there is still blossoms on the plants. Just today, I went out to take a look after the torrential downpour yesterday to see what was left over. And ended up with 8 really nice specimen…. at least 4 more are waiting to be picked within the next few days as well. My luck might be turning around after all. 


One Response to “My Gardening Attempts”

  1. Sanna said

    congrats on those peppers! They look fantastic!

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