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Indian Summer

Posted by nickxyz on October 13, 2007

No such luck this year. We are about 3 weeks into the official fall season and the weather has been very pleasant up to this point. While the nights could dip into some fairly cold regions, the days were very mild and sunny. Up until last night.

Late in the evening, it started to rain cats and dogs (or like they say in the Midwest “like a cow peeing on a flat rock”). Lightning and thunder were not far behind. This natural spectacle went on the entire night with the sky lit up as if it were day about every 2 to 3 minutes. That makes it kinda hard trying to sleep.

Finally around 9 am this morning, it stopped. The National Weather service had already announced several flash flood warnings for our area lasting until some time this afternoon. Some local areas have received more than 1 inch of rain in about 15 minutes. Probably translates into Turkey Creek turning into an involuntary outdoor public pool again.

To boot, I get down into the kitchen to get some coffee going, the kitchen window sill is dripping with water! How nice. Turns out that some of the siding outside was somehow penetrated by the wind and rain and allowed some water to seep in. I guess our weekend project has just revealed itself.

I am very much tempted to call our builder and share the “good” news with him, since our house is barely 4 years old. I know it / he won’t help a thing, but it sure would help me vent! Never have nor ever will I understand the American home building principles of wood frame.


One Response to “Indian Summer”

  1. -B said

    Being the native Krauter, I know you’ll “(n)ever…understand the American home building principles of wood frame”, since you Krauters insist upon pouring concrete and mudding up bricks, like you’ve been doing since, since, since, before there was written word upon paper!

    How…medieval of you!

    It’s not a function of the framing type, merely the flashing and caulking.

    Don’t worry, before you are through with me, you’re going to get to see how a real professional does these things. You might even get to see how I can adapt when you get me over to the other side of the pond.

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