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Posted by nickxyz on September 28, 2007

If I ever had any wisdom to being with, I now no longer have any. Had oral surgery earlier this morning to remove my wisdom teeth.. I knew I had already picked an absolutely excellent oral surgeon to do it, it was still nerve wrecking to think about it prior. I am just a total chicken when it comes to anything like that, not just the dentist.

Yet, here I am, about 12 hours after the deed and I feel great. No pain, no longer woozy, maybe still a little tripped up from the anesthetic, but all in all, considering what just happened, I couldn’t be any better. Even hat some Griesskloesschensuppe already, compliments by my better half. The only thing noteworthy is that my jaw muscles are somewhat sore and I can’t open my mouth more than for a small spoon. That can be dealt with. Almost comparable to when I had my tonsils removed the summer after 2nd grade and I was fed ice cream by the medical staff.

I’ll enjoy laying in bed for another day or so and allowing him to read my every wish from my eyes 🙂


2 Responses to “Surgery”

  1. JRod said

    glad you’re doing good. had mine out yrs ago and never had a problem. here’s to painkillers and good doctors.

  2. nickxyz said

    Thanks. Amen 🙂

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