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Rennaissance Fest

Posted by nickxyz on September 10, 2007

Went to the annual RenFest on Sunday.

RenFest opens the gates to times past every year on Labor Day weekend and runs through Columbus Day weekend. Lots of volunteers re-enact Renaissance times on a huge area in authentic outfits, language and behavior. It is essentially all setup around the Queens court of Canterbury in a village like setting, containing real craftsmen shops, such as Blacksmiths and Weavers,… One can stop at each shop and watch how tools are being handcrafted or cloths are being produced, and of course, ask lots of questions. And of course, regular type shopping arrangements of the day, such as dress store, armor shop, knife shops, jewlery….

There’s stages where all sorts of performers of the days fret and strut upon the stage: magicians, singers, performers, displays of animals, merchants… all the while authentically clothed village inhabitants going about their daily business. We meet several pirates, the queen and her maiden in waiting, gypsies, fairies, knights and royal guards, bakers, butchers, slaves, maidens, traveling circus, traveling folk, chesters, barbarians, thieves, transients….. everything and everyone in an ancient village.

Not to forget the foods of the times (you may question authenticity of that naturally), but the turkey leg was delicious as were the roasted nuts. I don’t think Mountain Dew and Pepsi really existed back then yet.

Very detail oriented and very professionally executed 🙂


One Response to “Rennaissance Fest”

  1. Sanna said

    Oh medieval pepsi… yum! 🙂
    Sounds like a fun event.

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