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Memorial Day

Posted by nickxyz on September 3, 2007

It’s Memorial Day the last Monday in May (thanks Adrian).

This day remembers and commemorates the accomplishments and sacrifices of men and women in the military service. This day has its roots going as far back as the American Civil War.

Flags are lining major streets and boulevards, parades and honorable events are present everywhere. This is the day of the men and women how serve this country selflessly every day, no matter where, no matter what the mission. Take a look at the Wikipedia entry.

From an immigrant’s view (mine that is), it is great to see the patriotism and the support that everyone gives to the military, not to forget recognize the importance of the service performed by the military every day all of the world. Support that even goes beyond this one single day of the year in efforts such as, Cards for Soldiers, and Soldiers’ Angels to just name a few. Even though they may be far, far away as measured by miles, they are really always close as measured by hearts.

We have ourselves in the past gone to, looked at soldiers’ stories, requests and needs and have packed up a care package to be delivered to them. Compared to their commitment, that would be the least of all things one can do for one’s adopted country.

If it only provides for a smile or a few moments of consolation and diversion from their every day duties ….. Support our troops


2 Responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. Sanna said

    Oh that is a really neat idea!

  2. Adrian said

    Isn’t today Labor Day? At least that’s what they all tell us in the commercials. Memorial Day is supposed to be on the last Monday of May.

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