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Alternative Baseball

Posted by nickxyz on September 3, 2007

A little bit over 5 years ago, an alternative Baseball league came into life in the US.

The intent behind it is to again bring the sport closer to the fans of the game, make it more family friendly and affordable.

Let’s compare the economic factors real quick at a high level:

Major League game: ~$6-$9 for parking alone, ~$8-$225 per ticket ($8 being the nosebleed seats wayyy up in the second tier stands where the seats are almost vertical), if one wants a halfway decent view, a ticket runs between $22 and $25 a head. Talking about drinks, even simple water runs $3 per bottle, pop upwards of $5, beer quite a bit more (albeit for the “small” cups). Foods, such as peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs, etc… all start around $5 a piece. Any type of fan memorabilia…. do the math for a family of four on a regular game day!

Compare this to the Northern League / Southern League: parking is free, tickets are $6-$14.50 (that is the best seat in the house!). The $6 General Admission allows you to bring your own blanket and sit on the grassy spots on either the left or right field sidelines, right at the action, separated only by a small 10 inch concrete wall that is probably just for plain field separation. The kids usually hang out there and talk to the players themselves! Drinks run anywhere from free (water) to $4 for the supersized soda and $6 for beer; hot dogs are $1 a piece every game! Do the math again….

The game that we went to on Friday night had three parachuters as the intro event prior to the game. They had set up a big T on the field onto which the three tried to land on. Quite impressive as they sailed in just above our heads right onto the field. The Saturday game even had military fly bys as part of the “salute to our heros” promotion.

 The atmosphere at the ball park was so very different from the MLB ball park experience. Everything was somewhat smaller in scale, one didn’t feel the omnipresent “be profitable / make money” at the big stadium, the players quite often threw game balls into the crowd, which obviously is a major plus for all the young fans waiting with their gloves, the players themselves are located so much closer to the fans, both visually and physically.

The essence of the “greatest game of all” is still very much alive and kicking….


One Response to “Alternative Baseball”

  1. Dave said

    It’s the “everyman” league without the monster paychecks… and, these guys are just as competitive as the pros. I’d be a regular at those games with that admission price.

    Btw, it’s nice to hear of your appreciation for America’s pastime. I was surprised to learn of a baseball & softball league here in Frankfurt (what? Baseball in Germany… who knew!?)

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