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Robin Hood – Season 2

Posted by nickxyz on August 19, 2007

Since Robin Hood Season 1 finished on BBC America, something on Saturday afternoon is just somehow missing. BBC America does do a re-run of all the episodes, but…. I already own the entire series on DVD…

Couldn’t find anything else on the web about Episode 2 becoming available in the US, so I just wrote BBC America directly. Received an answer within 24 hours, sharing that the station plans to air Season 2 in the spring of 2008 on BBC America. While great news, that is still about another 6 months off.

Does anyone know an Internet service such as that records BBC One off of the UK channel lineup? Supposedly, they are going air Season 2 this fall already.


One Response to “Robin Hood – Season 2”

  1. Alicia said

    you can check out VEOH TV to review the series. It has decent downloads, some episodes, depending on who posted are in better shape than others, but season 2 is there within 24 hours after it airs in UK.

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