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My Pirates Booty

Posted by nickxyz on August 10, 2007

My better half took a stroll this week through an antique shop (more by accident than planned, as he is not the “antiquing” kind usually) and found an old steamer trunk. As the good person that he is, he calls me right away, since I have been looking for an old steamer trunk for eons now. He describes it and I need to have. Veni, vidi, vici 🙂

Now my new treasure chest sits out in the garage awaiting restoration… it is gigantic, has metal bracings all around and this trademark “hump” at the top within the lid that makes it look just like a pirate’s chest. It appears that at one time it also had some dark blue felt like fabric all around.

The inside is absolutely huge with original compartments and dividers. Granted, I don’t think that all of them can be salvaged, but the majority I think can be restored. Or maybe build all new ones from some kind of nice and sturdy wood…. not sure yet.

Research on how to best proceed with the restoration of this new jewel will begin this weekend.


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