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The Increase in Blogroll Entries

Posted by nickxyz on August 5, 2007

Not sure if you noticed, but it appears that the blogroll has a tendency to grow exponentially with each additional week… I do have a few theories, which I would like to elaborate on somewhat below.

1) I love to surf the web for other immigrants, either Germans abroad (mostly in the US) or “Foreigners” in Germany. The experiences published in the parallel universe aka the Internet are frighteningly very similar to mine and appear to repeat themselves uncounted times each day anew.

2) Somewhat related to 1) but distinctly different is the socio-cultural oddity of a mixed national couple. I personally had not really planned of falling into that particular category, but life kinda took on a mind of its own in that regard. Quite honestly, I am not really complaining in any way about these unintended consequences (greetings to my irritiable architect at this time). Initially innocently walking into this bureaurocratic nightmare that has driven several people previously to go completely gray prematurely is an experience that will drive almost anyone to the bring of insanity. Once the process of obtaining legal status or even citizenship is complete after years of suffering and questioning any common sensical logical premise is complete, it kinda just stops from one day to the next… and really doesn’t sink in until several weeks after.

2a) The ongoing endeavors of either party to bridge the cultural differences as part of daily life. The related epiphanies or the highly intellectual discourses on the use of the German articles….

3) Culmination of both theories: almost an obsessive compulsive behavior of collecting virtual reality stuff that really has no value to anyone other than to me; possibly to a small number of other individuals challenged by the same daily insanities of living in a parallel universe. No pun or insult intended 🙂


One Response to “The Increase in Blogroll Entries”

  1. -B said

    Hi, yourself, from all the way downstairs!

    Bridging what gaps? Except for my horrible German, I don’t think there are any gaps!

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