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The Bourne Ultimatum

Posted by nickxyz on August 4, 2007

Been to the movies yet again. That is twice in 2 weeks.. a new record. Usually, we may make it to the movies about once every 6 months. Granted, that has mostly to do with the fact that there are not that many movies at the theatre these days that we would be interested in watching…. None of them is enticing enough to convince us to forgo the 6 weeks wait until the thing becomes available on Netflix.

BUT, the Bourne Ultimatium is something entirely different. Watched the previous two movies religiously and really couldn’t wait for it to finally be at the movies. The second movie had ended on a pretty high note and promised a lot of excitement and tension for the third and last installment. Did not get disappointed!

The beginning was somewhat flat compared to the other two, but once it got over the repetition and the initial jitters, it was quite gripping. And if one can overlook the thin connection made at the very beginning in an effort to tie the third movie to the plot, one will be pleasantly surprised with the remainder. Some technological “feats” of the CIA are plain out not possible, but who counts…

What I would have been keen to find out more about is what Nicky Parsons hints at with her comment about “It was especially difficult for me with you in the beginning”…??? And Jason just does not remember anything. The agency that is being portraid in this installment is a different one than was in 1 and 2. It had become complacent, dumb, fat and happy.. trigger happy that is. The head honcho issues execution orders on a whim, without any accountability or reasoning. Just because the person might be connected to the issue at hand, possibly. And the acts are really no longer very well concealed either… The local police should be all over these guys in a heartbeat!

Overall, this last installment is a worthy conclusion, not anything topping the previous two parts, but worthy. I would be interested whether the search term “David Webb” all of a sudden jumps to the top of the most frequent queries on the Net or whether Nixa, MO sees an increase in tourism 🙂


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