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Harry Potter

Posted by nickxyz on July 28, 2007

Yes, I have read every single last book there is in the Harry Potter series, including the most recent one, Year 7. Had it even pre-ordered and it showed up promptly on my doorstep on July 21st.

After all the anticipation, the news, the speculations, I was pretty much glued to the pages until finished. Had the 700+ page book done by Wednesday. Definitely dark, definitely no longer a children’s book and boy am I glad it now has an ending… Being left hanging at the end of each year was pretty stressful 🙂

Since Year 5 just made it into the movies about 2 weeks ago, I had to also watch that one. Didn’t want to get into all the youngsters and mega hype about it as it had just come out, so I patiently waited until this weekend to go see it.

It was quite a bit longer than the customary 90 minute movies, almost approaching 2.5 hours, but sitting through it, one hardly notices the length. While quite obvious that it would not be able to go into all the details that the book goes into, and understanding that some cutting would have to be done regardless, I still felt the movie to have a nice coherent story line. Unlike some other book adaptations that were missing most of the main plot and the subtleties that develop the characters into what they are in the book… Granted, some subplots had somewhat been accerlerated, but the main story line was still kept intact. Example in point, the anxiety and angst Harry is experiencing was nicely depicted. Unfortunately, Ron’s character development away from the nervous, frightened little boy to a stronger, more settled character was not quite as obvious. On the other hand, the actress portraying Luna’s character did a marvelous job! A very successful walk of the fine line between a naive, tree hugging dreamer and a very grounded, realistic and emotionally strong character, who very much goes her own way.

Go spend the money on a movie stub!


2 Responses to “Harry Potter”

  1. -B said

    Even I thought it was tolerable, and that’s saying something!

  2. Sanna said

    Just ordered my copy a few days ago and am not gonna touch it until I sit on that long a$$ flight night Wednesday. 😉

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