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The American Dream – Land Ownership

Posted by nickxyz on July 22, 2007

The American Dream of owning one’s own piece of heaven, be it a fleck of dirt, rich farming soil, a paddock for the horses or the cows….. owning a piece of land somewhere is gaining more and more popularity. Especially for the city dwellers, who would just love to have a weekend getaway or retreat.

Well, being the good citizens that we are, we bought into that very same dream 🙂 So we went and began to scout out possibilities of owning land close to home. Have been doing that for about 2 months now. This weekend now, we actually went to look at the first property.

It indeed is BFE, off a dead end road that has some gravel, surrounded by forest. Strange enough, my cell phone still got reception as my mum from overseas happened to call me right as we walked the perimeter. The land itself is very much interesting considering our intentions of owning hunting ground. Plenty of deer and turkey abound, it even has a small pond with some fish in it. On the down side, the owner is not quite sure yet, if they actually want to see it… that would beg the question as to why it is even available for showings…

The area is quite nice, it is not too far into town, less than 3 miles, but secluded enough to truly get away from the dreaded weekend work calls and would provide the opportunity to truly be one with nature. We did get a first taste of that concept yesterday. Lots of mosquitos, all sorts of bugs and best of all, quite a few ticks… despite having sprayed down prior to our treck into wilderness.

So now what? Came, saw it, liked it… are we going to actually buy it? No definite answer on that front; we are still deliberating all the pros and cons, not to forget that the current owner would like to see a considerable amount of cash exchange hands prior to him parting with the land title…


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