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New Toy

Posted by nickxyz on July 7, 2007

Went to the computer store yesterday. Initially only intended to get some additional memory for the basement computer…. got that. And a whole lot more…..

Since the current computer has an outdated CPU socket for which I cannot get faster CPUs… I decided to get a new computer while I was at the store.. ended up with a brand new high end gaming chassis that even supports Nvidia’s SLI technology (don’t have it enabled though, yet). Have a dual core Pentium CPU, motherboard that can support 1333 front bus (the respective CPU won’t be available until later this year), a blazingly fast Nvidia graphics card (PCI X16), huge hard drive (decided to only go with one hard drive, even though the new motherboard supports several RAID configs… and the new quad core CPU)… cost me close to 1K for it all…. but I hope to not having to touch the guts of it again for the next 5 years at least…. let’s see how my new strategy game behaves on the thing…


One Response to “New Toy”

  1. Sanna said

    Not sure what that all means but uhm happy gaming! 🙂

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