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More BBQ

Posted by nickxyz on June 23, 2007

Went to the Great American BBQ Battle in Lenexa yesterday. It is THE competition BBQ event of the year!

On just another Midwestern hot and steamy day, we started the treck to the event location. Thank God for air conditioning! As we got closer and closer, the traffic became thicker and thicker. Gobs and gobs of people. The designated parking lots were long filled up, the residential side streets close to the part were jam-packed… We ended up parking in one of those side streets as well, yet about 2 miles away; resulting in a nice hike prior to actually eating some BBQ out of this world!

By the time we arrived the entrance gate, the visitor numbers had already surpassed the 10,000 mark; at least that’s what the number on the admission sticker said… Walking around the park, there were a good 200 competition cooks hard at work, preparing pork, chicken, brisket and ribs. The smells…. you should have smelled the aroma that was everywhere. If you hadn’t been hungry previously, those smells would have definitely driven you close to the starving state.

We found our target tent, where the world’s best BBQ was being prepared. Running a little late, we missed the ribs. However, pulled pork, beef and chicken were still plentiful, so were the beans. Awesome food! No need for forks to cut the meat, everything juicy and so full of flavor…. This particular team has won a lot of awards for their culinary skills already, among them seveal really prestigious awards, such as the Lenexa BBQ and the American Royal BBQ (that by the way, happens in late summer as part of the American Royal Rodeo event). Lots of first and second place results. Not that the first rate placements  are really needed, because their food is point blank the best one there is and simply out of this world, but the first rate placements do provide a healthy motivational boost, I would think. They should open a catering business….

Needless to say, we rolled out of there late that night…….


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