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Col Danny McKnight (Ret.)

Posted by nickxyz on June 13, 2007

As part of the convention I just came back from in Charlotte, NC, the organizers had invited Col. Danny McKnight as a key note speaker on leadership. Initially, when I saw the event on the daily calendar, I didn’t think much of it and the name really didn’t ring any bells either.

Once in the presentation, it turned out this is THE commander of a certain military mission that was made into a movie by the name of Black Hawk Down. WOW, what a speaker, what a character, what a personality. The more he spoke and elaborated on his perspective on leadership and what it entails, the more I was impressed. By the end of the 60 min speech I was litterally blown away! I am not even going to try to summarize any of his speech, but instead will direct you to his website to experience this truly unique leader yourself.

Following the speech, several people, including myself, stayed behind, hoping to be able to shake hands and express heartfelt gratitude for his work, commitment and accomplishments as a US soldier overseas, defending the values of liberty and freedom; not just for the US, but for everyone as terrorism is not a country specific problem. And indeed, he came back out on stage and each of us was able to spend a couple of minutes with the Colonel and shaking his hand. What an awesome experience that indeed puts a lot of things in perspective!


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