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At the Movies – Pirates of the Caribean 3

Posted by nickxyz on June 2, 2007

Were at the movies again for a change. Given the frequency of our patronizing a local theater establishment, our average comes out to a whopping twice a year!! Which doesn’t make us a very profitable Joe Consumer for the movie industry.

Anyway, Pirates 3 came out just at the end of May. Having seen both parts previously and the second part leaving the viewer hanging at the end, anticipating the next piece of the adventure and …. the credits come up. So we had to pick up the last missing pieces in this latest release.

Not sure if it is the fate of all sequel franchise movies, but do you also think that subsequent movies are mostly less creative, less adventurous, less satirical, less of everything? There are some exceptions, such as Star Wars or Indiana Jones…. Walt Disney, the owner of the franchise, has updated their rides of the same name at their amusement parks to reflect character likenesses and movie scenes and props.

This last part of the franchise is somewhat less spunky than the very first part (maybe, it is because we all expect and are now used to the Jack Sparrow character being a “little” fruity, main character in his own comedy and generally somewhat off the cuff), the relationship between Elizabeth and Will not quite developing clearly, the fact that the second part contains an integral part of that relationship as Jack comes into the picture….. as it turns out in part 3 is part of a ruse of Elizabeth’s, but only if you pay really close attention.

As I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, be advised to wait until all the credits have rolled through to see the actual ending of the movie!

Relative to all the other movies the industry has offered recently, I would definitely consider this movie part of the Top 5 and would recommend everyone to go see it, who’s just a little bit into adventure stories!


2 Responses to “At the Movies – Pirates of the Caribean 3”

  1. Sanna said

    Oh den Film will ich auch unbedingt noch sehen aber vielleicht eher auf DVD bei der Länge….

    Nach der Diplomarbeit kommt dann hoffentlich ein Job; wo und was steht alles noch in den Sternen. 🙂

  2. Megan said

    The ending really pissed me off. I was not thrilled with number 3… and I had so been looking forward to it. Rrrrrr.

    Love Jack though.

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