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You like BBQ?

Posted by nickxyz on May 31, 2007

If you’re into BBQ or are only interested in some good eats, you might know about the Great American BBQ, which takes place each year in Kansas City; specifically at the Woodlands Race Track.

This year’s event was last weekend, and of course, being a carnivor and having a defined penchant for BBQ itself, we went there… A colleague from work actually headed up one of the teams competing in this year’s event. He offered ribs and pork for the competition. The ribs came in two flavors, one more of the traditional way, the other with a brown sugar rub. Let me tell you about the brown sugar ribs: …. finger liking good!

I missed the first batch as I was not fast enough amoung all the hungry folk congregating at the tent, drawn in by the wonderful smells. Well, tough luck…. However, I did make it a point to be the first one to get the first rib off of the second batch.. and it was well worth the wait! This didn’t even need any beans or other side dishes… this qualifies as a main meal and any accompaniments all by itself.

If  you’re watching your diet during one of those events, well, you might as well forget about it, ’cause it will throw all your exercise efforts out the window!

As part of the 3 day event, several local hot air balloon teams put their balloons on display for a “balloon glowing”. The teams set up their equipment right before dusk and had a full field of hot air balloons going right as the sun decided to call it a day. None of the balloons actually took off, but instead they were all anchored to the floor, yet with their propane burners going full force. This lit up each and every balloon during the night for an awesome spectacle… I linked some picture of it here.


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Streichen – again

Posted by nickxyz on May 27, 2007

Die eine Aufgangsseite ist nun fertig. Habe gestern den Uebergang zur anderen Seite gestrichen. Sobald die Farbe trocken war, hat die helle Farbe doch einen ziemlich erhellenden und freundlichen Eindruck auf den gesamten unteren Eingangsbereich geworfen.

Auch wenn ich am Anfang etwas besorgt ueber den Farbton war, hat es sich doch als DER perfekte Farbton fuer unseren Treppenaufgang herausgestellt. Fuer die zweite Seite des Treppenaufgangs (der in den Keller, und somit zu unserem Wohnzimmer geht), habe ich mir etwas besonderes ausgedacht. Anstatt die Wand nur einfach gelb anzupinseln, werde ich ein Gemaelde eines kubistischen Kuenstlerns “kopieren” und mit Wandfarben auf meiner Kellerwand verewigen… mich sozusagen als Kopierkuenstler betaetigen. Das Bild in Frage ist bereits ausgesucht, die originalen Dimensionen auf meine Kellerwand uebertragen, jetzt muss es “nur” noch angepinstelt werden…. Stay tuned for the first look here!

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Robin Hood – End of Season 1 (BBC America)

Posted by nickxyz on May 27, 2007

Season 1 of Robin Hood on BBC America has ended yesterday. The culmination of the last 5 episodes …. While there was tons of action, the situation between Robin and Marian really did not change after all and thus left us all hanging for the next episode… Leading to an explosive start of Season 2, which is already being shot in the Czech Repulic.

BBC America will repeat the entire season starting in June… but I sure do hope that the next season will be aired this year still and we don’t have to wait until 2008 to make it onto BBC America… Unfortunately, onlinetvrecorder has just removed their listing for BBC and not sure if they will include it again…

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Back to the grind

Posted by nickxyz on May 19, 2007

Back at work for one week now.

Going back after vacation is always the hardest thing to do. One has to get up early again, no more sleeping in and lollygagging in the morning, actually getting dressed somewhat professionally for the office, which is especially hard after T-shirt and shorts the previous week. Coffee is no longer served out on the back deck, but instead is self-serve from the common kitchen… back to the grind.

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Transatlantic Flight – Wedding

Posted by nickxyz on May 9, 2007

Just got home yesterday from a 5 day stint in Europe. Love to travel, absolutelty do. Seeing different places, trying all new foods, different cultures, …. IF it weren’t for those longhaul flights! I could absolutely do without those. Someone needs to get on it and make the teleporter available for general availability and soon!

Sitting confined in a seat on the middle row between two other sardines for long periods of time is just not my idea of spending 8 hours worth of fun. Can’t move, can’t sleep, TV program is from yesteryear, when it actually does run, the airline trying to be courteous and turning off the lights during night flights ….. Hello, since when do I check my hard earned adult, do what I want when I want status at boarding?? After 4 hours, everything that can possibly fall asleep, has fallen asleep; gives the medical term of restless leg syndrom a whole new meaning. And then of course, you do the same thing again on the way back, just as my internal clock had about adjusted to the 7 hour time difference and 3 am breakfast dates are no longer necessary.

Given that the better half and I went to a wedding on the other side of the world makes all of that worthwhile, no questions asked. Especially, my brother’s wedding.

The better half was more than astounded by the elaborateness and effort that goes into a traditional wedding. 3 pre-wedding events for family and friends that each can last the entire night and even take you to a different city altogether. Then the actual wedding day, which starts at O-dark thirty for the bride and families, officially begins mid morning at City Hall for the civil wedding, goes on to the church wedding early afternoon and then the actual celebration with friends and family at a local restaurant until the wee hours of the morning (4 am is a pretty good time to go have breakfast, indeed).

All this is interspersed with frequent toasting with champagne, sparkling cider, schnaps, wine, … you get the picture. As all that liquor would be lonely by itself, the wedding party starts out with cake right after church, followed by an early dinner (4 course menu) and desert as well as a midnight snack.

Chitchatting with family and friends that I hadn’t seen in ages…. priceless

The scale indicated XX (censored) more pounds the next day….

Final resume: Well Worth it!! Would do it again in a heartbeat! August will come along faster than I would think

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