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Streichen, nochmal

Posted by nickxyz on April 13, 2007

Und wieder geht’s ums Streichen. Diesmal ist der Treppenaufgang dran.

Wir haben eine ziemlich “gelbe” Farbe gefunden, die fuer dieses Wochenendprojekt in Frage kommen koennte. Sobald die erste Aufgangsseite angepinselt ist, werde ich hier Fotos einstellen. So, stay tuned…


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New “bad” TV habit

Posted by nickxyz on April 1, 2007

After having made Survivor on CBS my once weekly “must see bad habit” for the last 4 years, I just added another one very recently. It is on BBC America and is the newest adaptation of Robin Hood.

I ran across this new show more or less by accident during a late Saturday night channel flipping episode. Since reading the book version during elementary school and watching the Disney animated movie at about the same time, I had a thing going for Robin Hood, I admit. Especially the TV / movie adaptations in various formats and actors with more or less “interest” (well, I wasn’t that fond of Kevin Costner …..) have always had my weekly allowance for a ticket.

Now, BBC has come out with a brand new version (broadcast in the UK in 2006) for the American affiliate. Quite frankly, it took about two episodes to get going, but the subsequent episodes are just plain awesome: feisty characters with sassy dialogues and a penchant for being a small, but burning thorn in the sheriff’s behind, complemented by this slow growing, smoldering fire between Robin and Marian…

 Looking forward to next Saturday, 9 pm ET……

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