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German TV Abroad

Posted by nickxyz on March 25, 2007

For all Germans abroad (or people interested in German language TV), there is a neat, FREE tool on the web called ‘‘.

After a quick and simple registration process, the user can begin to record everything that German TV has to offer right away; of course, limited to the stations and channels that the website offers. It even includes BBC! It was a life saver for me during the 2006 World Soccer Championships 🙂

The only caveat is that any recordings have to be scheduled prior to their start time (in local German time). This is important in regards to copyrights and other assorted legal aspects, as each user can only decode shows that he / she has previously scheduled.

Once the show has finished, the user downloads the specific show (broadband connection highly recommended, while also using a download manager) and executes the Decoder function (downloadable from the site itself). The Decoder unscambles the just downloaded show into a viewable file (depending on the user selected format, of course). And voila, the show can be easily watched on the home computer.

 Now, for any techno geek, there are obviously several methods to circumvent above described limitations, but be warned, that some of those are leaving the legal realm and can have serious ramifications….

Happy recording to enhance your language skills 🙂


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