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Vonage – Part 2

Posted by nickxyz on February 24, 2007

Since we deceided to cut the cord almost a year ago, I thought it would be time to provide an update on our usage so far.

I really can’t think of anything that would cause us to re-consider our decision, even after a full year. The only noteworthy issue was trying to have a phone conversation while being online at the same time, which caused the voice to be badly distorted. Timing calls with computer activity in our house was not a viable option.

While trying to find some pointers on how to remedy this situation for good, I ran across this post on our device manufacturer’s knowledge base site. Admittedly, I am not the person to first read the entire handbook or destrcution booklet when I buy a new toy, so I must have missed that little tidbit of information at the very beginning. The knowledge base provides a very simple and highly effective solution to our problem: prioritize packet traffic!

Using the handy dandy web utiliy of our VoIP router, navigating to the QoS tab, I prioritize the recommended ports (#256 and #512) and voila… No further issues to report since this change. Even when one of my downloads is burning rubber at 200 KB/s, the call taking place in parallel is very clear.

Now I just have to figure out, how I can have my online radio channel join in the fun at the same time.


One Response to “Vonage – Part 2”

  1. -B said

    It took you long enough to figure it out, but who was it who reminded you about reading instructions first?


    Plllllllllppbbb! :p

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