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Can you spell Hypocrite?

Posted by nickxyz on February 24, 2007

While reading the Saturday paper this morning, I came across this article . It is about a pastor (ex at this point in time) who is very vocal about being anti-gay and any associated life styles. Last January, the pastor gets arrested in Oklahoma City, allegedly for soliciting oral sex from an undercover male police officer.

As if that is not enough and professionally embarassing already, given his previous socio-political statements, the pastor’s lawyer now tries to get the charge of lewdness thrown out of court based on the premise that private homosexual acts are legal as long as it involves consenting adults (Lawrence vs. Texas, 2003).

This truly amazing constellation of a scenario raises several questions on more than just one front!

Can you spell Hypocrite?        


One Response to “Can you spell Hypocrite?”

  1. Rasha said

    Indeed. You wouldn’t by chance be interested in sharing your thoughts with my forum, would you? 🙂

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