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Can you spell Hypocrite?

Posted by nickxyz on February 24, 2007

While reading the Saturday paper this morning, I came across this article . It is about a pastor (ex at this point in time) who is very vocal about being anti-gay and any associated life styles. Last January, the pastor gets arrested in Oklahoma City, allegedly for soliciting oral sex from an undercover male police officer.

As if that is not enough and professionally embarassing already, given his previous socio-political statements, the pastor’s lawyer now tries to get the charge of lewdness thrown out of court based on the premise that private homosexual acts are legal as long as it involves consenting adults (Lawrence vs. Texas, 2003).

This truly amazing constellation of a scenario raises several questions on more than just one front!

Can you spell Hypocrite?        


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Posted by nickxyz on February 24, 2007

Wie einige vielleicht bereits bemerkt haben (hat es der Blogname verraten??), bin ich ein Einwanderer in den USA.

Meine Auswanderung aus Deutschland war allerdings nicht direkt geplant, im Gegensatz zu den Auswanderern, die in letzter Zeit so oft im TV, Printmedien und im Internet diskutiert werden. Wie ich letztendlich in den USA gelandet bin, wollte ich schon seit langem aufschreiben und eventuell auch irgendwann mal veroeffentlichen. Diesem Ziel bin ich nun etwas naeher gekommen, da meine Geschichte nun “fast” fertig ist.

Im Moment bin ich nun am Ueberlegen, wie ich es am Besten publizieren koennte. Natuerlich ohne einem etablierten Verleger alle Rechte in den Rachen zu werfen. Ein oder zwei kleine oder sogar auch Internet self-publishing Moeglichkeiten habe ich bereits gefunden.

Sobald mein Werk dann auch wirklich erhaeltlich ist, werde ich es natuerlich hier posten. Vielleicht hilft es dem einen oder anderen Auswanderungswilligen, kleinere oder auch groessere Fettnaepfchen zu vermeiden.

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Vonage – Part 2

Posted by nickxyz on February 24, 2007

Since we deceided to cut the cord almost a year ago, I thought it would be time to provide an update on our usage so far.

I really can’t think of anything that would cause us to re-consider our decision, even after a full year. The only noteworthy issue was trying to have a phone conversation while being online at the same time, which caused the voice to be badly distorted. Timing calls with computer activity in our house was not a viable option.

While trying to find some pointers on how to remedy this situation for good, I ran across this post on our device manufacturer’s knowledge base site. Admittedly, I am not the person to first read the entire handbook or destrcution booklet when I buy a new toy, so I must have missed that little tidbit of information at the very beginning. The knowledge base provides a very simple and highly effective solution to our problem: prioritize packet traffic!

Using the handy dandy web utiliy of our VoIP router, navigating to the QoS tab, I prioritize the recommended ports (#256 and #512) and voila… No further issues to report since this change. Even when one of my downloads is burning rubber at 200 KB/s, the call taking place in parallel is very clear.

Now I just have to figure out, how I can have my online radio channel join in the fun at the same time.

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