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Nashville, TN

Posted by nickxyz on January 28, 2007

Just came back from Nashville, TN – Music City USA

Never having been to the Country Western capital of the civilized world before, it was an interesting experience… Gubernatorial inauguration balls take place at the WildHorseSaloon, amidst life sized plastic sculptures of horses, dressed in cowboy gear and real people linedancing on the dance floor, Sun Record studios (Elvis’ record label) right next door in their trademark yellow bright colors. BTW, Elvis stands outside, greeting all passerbys. CMT headquarters is not even a block away. BB King’s Blues Bar can be found right next to Ugly Coyotes, and of course, can’t forget to mention the Hard Rock cafe. Just for the record, we are still within the same two block section of downtown, 2nd street.

Cowboy hat, boots and weatherman coat are part of the approved dress code, both business and evening dining. Even met some representatives from the Junior Bull Riding Association. Oh, and before I forget, if you ever happen to go to Nashville, be sure to look up Mr. Jack Schitt. His life story is quite the adventure!

If you are into music at all, the clubs and saloons are the place to be! There are some really really good acts out there, whether famous or not. And you might actually run into Jerry Springer, too.

One thing I have to mention: while Nashville claims to have good steak and BBQ restaurants, I am very sorry to say, their BBQ cannot be compared to KC! By any stretch of the imagination. Of course, it could also be that I am biased in that regard as well, just a little bit… but who wants to be that specific…?


2 Responses to “Nashville, TN”

  1. -B said

    So, you like BBQ, but you want to avoid that for your anniversary dinner?

  2. Dee Dee said

    Sounds like you had a good time. My husband is from Memphis. We sometimes go through Nashville when driving to Memphis from Michigan. It is a very nice city. I enjoyed reading your blog.

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