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Kansas City Royals – September 23

Posted by nickxyz on September 25, 2006

We usually don’t go out to the ballgame that often. But with family in town, a Royals game sounded like a good old American experience, especially for non-Americans.

So, went to the last but one homegame of the season at the K, against the Detroit Tigers. Given that the Tigers don’t have much of a season themselves, and us still “believing”, we anticipated a somewhat interesting game ourselves.

Well, far from the truth. We got there a hair after the first pitch, but still the top of the first inning. Sat down, got settled into our GA seats and started looking around. They must have still fumbled around with the scoreboard of some sorts. The game had not been older than maybe 5 min, but for some reason the board already had 7 runs for the Tigers, Royals zilch. Must be some kind of error.

The first inning finished 8:0 Tigers….. I don’t think I have ever seen a pitcher being relieved midway through the top of the first innning! But it happened. Game goes on. The Royals are just putting up a dismal show… “Believing” is starting to become a real strain.

Inning after inning passes, the Tigers are up to 15:0 by now, the second Royals pitcher had been relieved for the third already (are there any left, I presume?). Catching a ball with an oversized clove appears to be more complex than I had anticipated for the last 9 years. Finally, inning 8 comes along; I think, the Tigers had already fallen asleep from boredom or were in the middle of cleaning out the dugout. Anyway, believe it or not, the Royals actually have hit number 3 (or was it #2?) and manage to get the runner to 3rd base. It either must have been a rare moment of generosity by the Tigers or they must have already left the field, either way, the Royals actually score a run! And the game stands at 15:1.

Enough said and seen, the wind had gotten too chilly, we make our way out of the stadium. On the way out, we were handed vouchers for free tickets (GA) for any game in April of the 2007 season (except opening day). Maybe the Royals will still be here in April of 2007? If so, I think I will bring a copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, it does have its initial semi- highlight on page 538, too.


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