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At the movies – The Lake House

Posted by nickxyz on July 16, 2006

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read if you plan on going to see it yourself!

Went to see “The Lake House” last night. After 4 weeks of trying to make it to a movie theatre, last night it finally happened. If it just weren’t for this annoying day job thing all week long…. 

Anyway, prior to going, I read some critics’s reviews about the flic. Most of them were not really favorable, some even ripped the entire thing apart in a million little pieces. Despite these not so positive comments, we went anyway.

Quite honestly, I liked it! While it does start somewhat convoluted, the viewer gets the hang of the frequent switchbacks in time very quickly. The story receives an additional unexpected twist as the person living in the past gets the opportunity to “meet” his pen pal while she is living in his time. She of course does not yet know the significance of him, while he has the advantage of already communicating with her “future” counterpart via US postal mail.

As the story advances, more characters enter the lives of the two, who nicely support the two main characters. The architect and the doctor take on more depth and background as to why they behave as unexpectedly as they sometimes do in this movie.

Just as the story is about to come to its finale, the reel all of a sudden stops. The emergency lights come on and everything is in utter silence.  Finally, one of the other spectators ventures his head out the side door only to report back that the entire block is in the dark. The movie attendant enters the room and announces that the transformer supporting this side of the midwest Kansas town has just blown a fuse.  Talk about suspension… I’ll wait for the movie to be available on Netflix!

And I thought brown outs only happen in California….


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