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Posted by nickxyz on March 25, 2006

We cut the cord and switched to Vonage this week. While gaining a bunch of call features, we also slashed the monthly phone budget in half!

Initially, I was sceptical as to whether my broadband connection could guarantee me a somehwat equal voice quality than the traditional phone line. Especially since my Internet connection speed noticeably slows down during certain hours of the day, i.e. more users getting on and sharing the same bandwidth. Since I have activated the service however, I have not experienced the tell-tale mechanical sound that the Internet connection produces on occasion when using voice chat or listening to online radio stations. As such, so far so good.

When the first initial calls came in, I was impressed by the functionality offered by the even simplest and most inexpensive plan (which we chose). The user website is intuitive to navigate, even for my not always quite tech savy hubby. Since I am online pretty much all the time and either in email or have the user interface up, any calls (that I may have missed) are listed on the site in real time! I am wowed. Voicemails trigger an email notification instantaneously. Retrieving the voicemail is super simple. The quality of the wave file is even astonishing. And I can download it ….. 🙂

According to the user manual and the other tabs on the user site, there are so many other features that I have not had the chance yet to take a look at or play with. They sure sound interesting, like call hunt. I will report back in a few weeks …..


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